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  • Classifieds Rules

    Classifieds Channel Rules

    Rules posted here within only apply to the Classifieds channel.
    1. You will not be able to post in this channel unless you have 25 posts on your account.
    2. You will not be able to post in this channel until your account is over 30 days old.
    3. Any item being sold must contain a picture of the item that was taken by you, not a picture from an online shop.
    4. At least one picture of the item must contain your forum name and the date on a piece of paper, post-it, or something.
    5. All posts required a set prefix. Please set For Sale, Wanted, or Looking for Trade on your post.
    6. Upon selling an item, please change the flair to SOLD and leave a comment informing that the item was sold. A mod will then move the post into the archived forum.
    We caution all buyers/sellers to make accurate judgments when buying/selling items. We recommend using a service such as PayPal or American Express cards that offer seller/buyer protections. The IKE takes no responsibility for loss of item(s) or money. If you do have an issue, please notify mod staff immediately. Anyone who scams another person will be permanently banned from these forums.