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Welcome to The IKE - Read Here First (Rules)

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  • Welcome to The IKE - Read Here First (Rules)

    Welcome to The IKE!
    Infosec Knowledge Exchange
    "Sharing Information, Not Keys!"

    Welcome to a new community with the intent of bringing the entire information security community together for the purpose of sharing information. Twitter and Slack are great resources, but reduce the ability to have long discussions and allow them to remain for historic purposes for an extended period. Forums give us the luxury of having extended granular channels as well so topics can remain better organized.

    The rules here apply to the overall forums, but there may be additional rules on specific channels, so ensure to look for any of those when inside specific channels.
    1. No self-promotion or advertising. Self-promotion of articles or blogs has a specific channel. Advertising your company or product will not be allowed.
    2. No flaming, arguing, disrespecting, insulting, personal threats, or excessive/blatant trolling. This applies to posts, threads, and direct messages. Please respect other's opinions and beliefs.
    3. No racism, sexism, ageism, discrimination, or any other similar intolerance of others will be allowed.
    4. Channels are set to specific topics, please do your best to discuss the appropriate topic in the appropriate channel.
    5. No selling of products except in the Classifieds channel.
    6. No material that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This includes posts, avatars & signatures.
    7. Keep thread titles, signatures and avatars "clean". No profanity.
    8. Please search for topics prior to posting, we want to keep duplicate postings as minimally as possible.

    Bans will be on a case by case basis determined by the Moderators and Administrators.