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French Toast - the epitome of breakfast food.

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  • French Toast - the epitome of breakfast food.

    I like French Toast. It is the preeminent indulgent breakfast food. When I was in Austin, I was able to dine at a restaurant in the hotel that made the french toast with a different kind of bread (based on what the local artisinal bakery sourced) every day. Eight days, eight french toasts, and every one was amazing.

    Waffles are a dessert served in the am. Putting ice cream on it doesn't make it an indulgent breakfast. It means you didn't have the patience to wait for the waffle to be rolled into a cone.

    Pancakes? Please. They are a very lazy waffle.

    French toast is supreme. To disagree is to wrap oneself in heathenism.

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    I do love me some french toast. I'm not so into pancakes, but I'd take a waffle any day, as well.

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      Buttermilk biscuits all day every day.


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        Market Day French Toast Sticks!

        Frank McGovern
        Founder - TheIKE, Blue Team Con


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          joshlane So long as those biscuits come with sausage gravy, fried chicken patty, or both.

          accidentalciso You're allowed to waffle at brunch or with kids. But don't pretend it's higher up the breakfast scale than it is. Unless we're looking at chicken and waffles, with fried boneless chicken thighs and a cornflour waffle, with a maple bourbon syrup and crumbled bacon, but that ain't breakfast.